Samsung FRP Unlock

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Instant Google Lock Removal & FRP Unlock for all Samsung Galaxy Phones & Tablets.

Permanent Factory Unlock completed within minutes!

Unlock Samsung Galaxy Phones & Tablets All Models.

Google Lock Removal & FRP Unlock Service Supports All Samsung Phones & Tablets.

After purchasing you will receive an email from us with our simple guide to Google Lock Removal.

You need:
Locked Galaxy Phone or Tablet
USB cable
Windows PC
Fast, stable internet connection

We will connect via secure Remote Desktop, apply some magic & within 2 minutes your Google Lock Removal & FRP Unlock will be done!

You can activate & start using immediately.



You are purchasing one Instant Google Lock Removal & FRP Unlock via Remote USB Connection for Samsung Galaxy Phone or Tablet.

Super-easy & super-fast unlocking for all Samsung Galaxy Phones & Tablets.

Immediately after order confirmation you’ll receive an email from us with our simple guide to connect to our technician via secure Remote Desktop Connection.

To complete the unlock, you need:

Locked Galaxy device
Windows PC
Fast, Stable Internet Connection
USB cable to connect Galaxy phone / tablet to PC

Once we’re connected, your Samsung Galaxy Phone / Tablet will be unlocked in just 2 minutes!

NB: The service provided by is limited to legitimate owners & authorised users of the Samsung Galaxy devices that we unlock. By purchasing our service, you are confirming that you are the legal owner or authorised user of the device that you require unlocked.

This service does not clean a blacklisted phone IMEI. That’s a whole other story.

6 reviews for Samsung FRP Unlock

  1. Daniel

    Wow! The best online unlock ever. You guys are so efficient!

  2. Steve Kelly

    had this locked Galaxy S9 in my top drawer for 12 months or more. Found your site & 10 minutes later I’m making calls. Awesome service.

  3. Johnson Wu

    Very good, thank for unlock.

  4. Vicky

    I got scammed on Facebook marketplace, the S20 I bought was Google locked. Not any more it’s not!! Made my day, thanks.

  5. Brian Billington

    I was told my Note 10 was too new & too hard to unlock, but you unlocked it & real fast too.
    I’m recommending you to anyone with Google locked phones.

  6. Steiny

    I am very impressed with the service I have received, within minutes my Samsung was unlocked. I highly recommended to anybody wanting a fast and affordable frp unlock that you can trust. Thanks!

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