Samsung IMEI Repair Service

We repair broken / blacklisted IMEI on Samsung Galaxy devices. Our Blacklisted IMEI Repair Service is done via secure remote connection, the same way as our FRP Unlock Service, quick & easy without leaving home.

If your Samsung Galaxy won’t make calls, if your Samsing Galaxy is displaying “Not Registered On The Network” or “Emergency Calls Only” then this service is for you. In just a few minutes your Samsung Galaxy IMEI Repair will be done & your phone fully functional. 

Have you been scammed when buying from Facebook Marketplace? Did you buy a blacklisted Samsung Galaxy from Police Auctions? Has a finance company blacklisted your Samsung Galaxy? We can solve that problem right now.

Be sure your New Zealand IMEI is blacklisted by dialing *#06# to reveal your IMEI, then visit Mind Your Mobile to check the IMEI against the NZ blacklist database. 

The Facts:
The internet has a lot of conflicting information about IMEI number repair. Most of it is bullshit. Here’s the true facts –

Possessing a blacklisted phone is not a crime.
Repairing a blacklisted phone is not illegal.
Blacklisting by finance companies is not legal use of the blacklist service.
You are allowed to change the IMEI on your phone.

If you have an honestly-obtained blacklisted Samsung Android then this service is for you – we can fix your broken IMEI in just a few minutes & return your phone to full functionality.

Samsung Galaxy Blacklist Repair is a permanent factory IMEI solution that cannot be blacklisted again.

Pricing varies depending on model & firmware update level. 

Use the form or WhatsApp button below to enquire about our Samsung IMEI Repair Service.