We have just one job - Samsung Galaxy Google Lock removal

Google Lock Removal

What is the Google / FRP Lock?

Millions have been caught out - If you do not have the previous user's Google ID & password, your Samsung Galaxy phone / tablet will not activate during set up. Your device because it is now ‘bricked’ due to the dreaded Google Lock, aka FRP (Factory Reset Protection). We provide an efficient, fast & affordable FRP Unlock / Google Lock Removal service.

We have just one job here @ - Samsung Google Lock Removal / FRP Unlock on all Samsung Galaxy devices. The process is super-easy & super-quick - completed in just a few minutes. Google Lock Removal or FRP Unlock - it's all the same thing & it's what we do.
The other problem with Samsung Android devices is blacklisted IMEI - the "Not Registered On The Network" problem. Google / FRP Unlocking does not address this issue, Blacklisted IMEI Repair is a whole other thing.

What's your time worth? You can spend hours & hours viewing "100% Guaranteed" FRP Removal Videos on YouTube & still not find a solution. Google own YouTube so whenever a successful exploit is published, they patch it in the next security update. can definitely unlock your Google-locked Samsung - no more boring videos to watch & a sure solution in just a few minutes.

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Google Unlock Services

Galaxy Phones

Google Lock Removal / FRP Unlock from all Samsung Galaxy mobile phones - even the very latest models.

Galaxy A, Galaxy J, Galaxy M, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S, Galaxy Z Fold & Z Flip - 100% unlocked by

Google / FRP lock is removed from all models in every range - Google Lock gone in 60 seconds.

Instant Google Lock Removal / FRP Unlock service. You can be back on air in less than 5 minutes!!

Galaxy Tablets

All Samsung Galaxy Tablets locked by the Google / FRP lock can be instantly unlocked by our Google Lock Removal service.

All ranges, all models, from Galaxy Tab A, Tab E & Tab S through to Galaxy Tab Active - Google Lock Removal / FRP Unlock is done in just a few minutes with our service.

This is a permanent unlock solution with no special requirements. All you need is your Samsung Galaxy, a Windows PC with fast broadband connection & USB cable.

Unlock Now

unlocking all Samsung Galaxy Phones & Tablets

To remove the Google Lock / FRP Lock on any Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet costs just $49. Your locked Galaxy can be activated in just 5 minutes!

Permanent factory unlock – just $NZ49.

On order confirmation, our qualified technician will have you connect the Samsung Galaxy device to your Windows PC via USB & will then perform the GOOGLE LOCK REMOVAL / FRP UNLOCK via secure Remote Desktop Connection.

In less than 2 minutes your Samsung Galaxy will be permanently unlocked.

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Samsung FRP Unlock

Fast & Easy Process

NB: Google Lock Removal / FRP Unlock is NOT a solution for Blacklisted phones. Blacklisted IMEI Repair is a whole other story.